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Why Onsite Pipette Calibration Service?

Onsite pipette calibration services are convenient, reduce turnaround time, and help guarantee that pipettes are calibrated in the same environment in which they are used.

As a rule, a pipette should be serviced at least once a year! 

​Aldinger Colorado       1905 S. Poplar St. Denver, CO 80224       303-669-4609

Pipette Services

Located in Denver, Aldinger Colorado specializes in onsite, high-quality pipette calibration and repair services.  

You depend upon your pipettes to produce reliable results.  Pipettes are sensitive and important laboratory instruments.  To ensure they work accurately and precisely, pipettes need regular service.  First, pipettes need to be calibrated.  Even with normal use, all pipettes drift over time.  Because drift is inevitable, ISO 8655 and pipette manufacturers recommend that instruments are calibrated at least once a year and as often as four times a year. Second, a pipette should receive regular preventive maintenance to ensure it continues to function properly. 

Aldinger Colorado's preventive maintenance and pipette calibration process includes thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the pipette, checking for corrosion, and repairing and/or replacing parts as necessary.  This process will significantly lengthen the life of the pipette. 

Unlike other service companies, Aldinger Colorado will customize services to meet your business's unique needs.  ​Calibration is more than just meeting requirements. We believe that bringing you in line with regulatory standards is only the beginning.